Dear Future President(in) of the European Union,

we are calling upon you to make a public commitment to establish a Commissioner for Sustainability!

We are calling upon the European Parliament to ONLY vote for a candidate of the office of the President(in) of the European Union that makes a public pledge:

  • To establish a Commissioner for Sustainability!
  • To make Sustainable Development the principle upon which to build the “four freedoms” of the European Union!
  • To make Sustainable Development the foundation for all decision taken by the European Union!

Sustainable Development must be of equal value in all Member States, does not recognize borders and rejects populist views.

Sustainability is the ONLY issue that will lead to a strong united Europe. We should all learn from our Swedish friends and their use of the word “Lagom”– meaning just right, appropriate, in balance, perfect-simple! This formula should be applied to all of our lives.

With its origins in the Swedish word lag – or law – lagom provides the basis upon which to build a sustainable community, a nation, a world, while respecting each individual’s right to self-determination within the framework provided by law. Lagom, and the rule of balanced law, ensure that just as the government must not impose undue restrictions on the individual, no individual has the right to impose undue restrictions or harm on another individual.

Sustainable Humanity is entering a new era in which rivalry and confrontation may extend across all dimensions of its existence. While the rivalry is starting to be seen as extinction through devolution, this relationship constitutes a much more difficult challenge given its complexity and interdependence.

Sustainable Humanity recognizes the benefits of continued cooperation, which can enhance innovation and cooperation, but Sustainable Humanity’s strength rests in its capacity to defend sustainability with vigor and, when necessary, without compromise.

A quest to enhance competitiveness through policies that focus on investing in our own future must be at the core of a strategy for Sustainable Humanity.

Competitive Sustainable Humanity must start at home. That is, investing in science and education is no less important than investing in compassion and a “lagom” way of life.

We must compete without compromising what makes Sustainable Humanity truly great. Our commitment to Sustainable Humanity with its underlying structure of human rights and democracy must remain a core pillar of our strategy. Yet there are strong reasons to feel fear and dismay about the direction of policies, politics and leadership that reject Sustainable Humanity for the sake of national protectiveness.

It is imperative to commit to living up to the only principle and strength humanity has to fight these fears and disappointments with unwavering commitment to the principles of Sustainable Humanity and Sustainable Development.

Europe has voted. The electorate has spoken. It is time to protect and build the future for our children, all living beings and the planet based on decisions guided purely by the principle of Sustainability.

The electorate voted that it is ready. Now it is up to you to accept these electorate realities and protect the integrity of our votes!