Appia Antica Park

Fondazione Appia Antica connects people with the Park through outstanding support for the Appia Antica Regional Park mandate and sustainable vocational education, and translates this mandate into lifelong support and philanthropic investment to not only conserve and enhance the Park for future generations, but also showcase the Park as a blueprint for other sustainable urban parks around the world.

Parco Appia Antica is 5x bigger than the City of London, 6x bigger than Central Park and 7x bigger than Monaco. It is the home of the Queen of Streets “Via Appia Antica” whose history influences the Western world even today. Just as Via Appia Antica and Rome set standards around the world millennia ago, the Appia Antica Regional Park will set the new standard for sustainable urban development and education, laying the framework for a sustainable future.

The Park is without rival and filled with the history, present and future, of Roman culture; it is a park that needs the dedication and support of many to assure its preservation and place as one of Rome’s great accomplishments.