Open Access Policy

The Fondazione Appia Antica believes in transparency and information access. Consequently, we adhere to a full Open Access Policy for all publications, multi-media material and other products resulting from foundation funded projects or actions. This includes peer-review publications and associated datasets based on research funded in whole or in part by the foundation.

The Open Access Policy includes the following elements:

  1. Accessibility: All publications, data and other output will be stored in an online depository and easily accessible with proper tagging.
  2. “Open Access” Terms: All publications and other outputs will be published in accordance with a Creative Commons 4.0 Generic License [inserire hyperlink]  (CC BY 4.0) or equivalent. This means the publications, data and other outputs may be freely accessed, utilized and built upon provided adherence to attribution requirements.
  3. Open Access Fees: The foundation will pay the necessary fees to publishers to ensure adherence to the Open Access Policy.
  4. Immediate accessibility: All publications, data and other outputs will be made available immediately without any embargo period.