The Foundation

As Dr. Maurillio Cipparone the world leading scientist on Italian parks, founder of Greenpeace Italy, Honorary President of CEC Education and Communication Commission IUCN, Honorary President of Wild-Travelers and Honorary President of seven other National Associations wrote about us:

“…I am very pleased to hear about the creation of the Foundation. As I understand it is the first of its kind in Italy and since I know the reality of other countries and the importance that an NGO can have to facilitate the work of a park and support its mission, I think it would be appropriate to make known its existence and objectives within the system of Protected Areas, regional and national, in the hope that it will meet and inspire other people of good will …”

Green Cities are the only option for a sustainable future

Fondazione Appia Antica advances new frontiers in science, policy and innovation to promote and support the establishment of sustainable urban development and sustainable education through research, project definition and implementation dedicated to safeguarding cultural, natural, historical and artistic heritage.

It is an ambitious holistic project that works in cooperation with other institutions, public and private, with a strong focus on the relationship with the local community. The foundation seeks to act as an incubator, mediator and partner in a context where the business world, local residents and public administrations struggle to find opportunities for active cooperation in the pursuit of the common good.

This is especially critical within a protected sustainable urban park that brings together cultural and environmental protection with all of the concerns of city living stemming from residents and local businesses. It is our aim to create opportunities for cooperation today, assuring protection now and in the future.

Our operations include support for:

  • Biophilic Design and Cities
  • Nature as natural medicine for physical and psychological well-being
  • Multi-functional sustainable agriculture
  • Ecological restauration & protection of environmental and historical assets
  • Sustainable transportation and mobility
  • Adoption of sustainability rules by businesses and residents
  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for Green Jobs and Sustainable Careers
  • Promotion of sustainable humanistic education and values
  • Promotion of protected sustainable socio-economic urban parks
  • Promotion of sustainable development guidelines

We are a not for profit & nonpartisan Swiss organization and support the 21 ZEWO Standards