What others say about us

As Dr. Maurillio Cipparone the world leading scientist on Italian parks, founder of Greenpeace Italy, Honorary President of CEC Education and Communication Commission IUCN, Honorary President of Wild-Travelers and Honorary President of seven other National Associations wrote about us:

“…I am very pleased to hear about the creation of the Foundation. As I understand it is the first of its kind in Italy and since I know the reality of other countries and the importance that an NGO can have to facilitate the work of a park and support its mission, I think it would be appropriate to make known its existence and objectives within the system of Protected Areas, regional and national, in the hope that it will meet and inspire other people of good will …”

La Fondazione Appia Antica lancia il primo “Living in the Anthropocene Forum” per iniziare lo sviluppo del Parco Appia Antica e Roma come modello per le città verdi. – LN International 27.03.2019 – Sergio Ferroni